About Jen

Jen Gibson is an enthusiastic community advocate, a life-long small business owner, a dedicated mother & wife and a committed public servant. It is her goal to help give a voice and a presence to those that are underrepresented or even ignored in her district by current decision makers. She believes the path to solutions lies in diversity and innovation. 

Jen was raised in Mt Pleasant, SC and graduated from Wando High School and then the College of Charleston, with a degree in Political Science. She founded and managed a successful interior decorating firm for 9 years and then left the design world and founded a travel services company, so she could spend more time with her family. She has been married to Paul Gibson, a lifelong resident of the Lowcountry, for over 20 years. They have an energetic 9-year old son. 

In 2016 Jen and her family gained a terrible insight into the healthcare system when her father battled and lost his life to pancreatic cancer. Her mother and Paul’s parents still live in the Lowcountry and are a constant source of love, support and inspiration. 

She is currently the Co-Owner & Head of Sales at Wanderlust Travel Boutique, LLC. As a Founder and successful small business owner, Jen understands problem-solving. The skills and experience she’s gained in her businesses have helped make her uniquely qualified to serve the people of her district.

She is committed to a strong, neighborhood public school system and supports an overhaul to the current assessment system that relies on standardized testing. She will fight for higher teacher pay, more teacher autonomy in the classroom, and equity across all schools in SC. Jen also supports expanding education opportunities in technical fields for all SC residents to meet the current job requirements of our new tech driven economy. 

She will focus on access to quality health care for every South Carolinian. She’ll begin by working with the governor to accept the Medicaid expansion that will encourage more carriers to participate in the Affordable Care Act exchange and will lower premiums in South Carolina. Jen will also support the expansion of South Carolina Community Health Centers to create more facilities to treat mental illness and addiction.

She recognizes safe communities are critical to South Carolina’s future success. Jen supports investing in our first responders - through diversity training, ongoing job training and resource support. She strongly supports background checks for all firearm purchases in South Carolina and a comprehensive registration database of firearms.

Jen Gibson will work to unite South Carolinians to harness the opportunities for robust, positive change in our state. Please visit our Issues section to learn more about the opportunities and solutions for some of South Carolina’s greatest challenges.