Is Climate Change a Myth?

The topic of climate change has been on my mind as South Carolina begins to recover from the devastating damage done by Hurricane Florence, and Florida’s coastline was changed forever by a historic hurricane. A major difference I have with my opponent is our stance on climate change. I believe it is real. She does not. She endorsed and supported President Donald Trump who is an infamous climate change denier.

When we think of the number one threat against our coastline, many of us think of offshore oil drilling. While it is a threat my opponent and I both recognize, I do not trust anyone who denies climate change exists to be an effective advocate for our fragile environment on the coast. An oil leak is one of the many potential issues we could face in Charleston, but our coastline already faces a far greater threat, seal level rise and tidal flooding. In 2014, Bobby Mill wrote, “Charleston is also among the East Coast’s most vulnerable metropolitan areas to rising seas and a changing climate, which may threaten nearly $150 billion of infrastructure along the South Carolina coast.”

I am running because Charleston cannot afford to send a climate change denier to Columbia. We need a representative that understands our financial future depends on our understanding of the reality of climate change, what causes it, and how we can prevent the devastation it will bring to the Lowcountry.