About Jen Gibson

Jen Gibson is an enthusiastic community advocate, a small business owner, a dedicated mother & wife and a committed public servant. It is her goal to give a voice and a presence to those that are underrepresented or even ignored in her district by current decision makers. She believes the path to solutions lies in diversity and innovation. 

Two years ago, Jen's son was in crisis during the first grade. It was his third school in his short academic career, and it was clear he needed a professional evaluation to determine his specific challenges. Her family was hit with the reality of a broken education and mental health system in South Carolina. As she was helping her son with special needs navigate the world around him, her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was his third fight against cancer and he fought hard, but he succumbed to the horrid disease after 9 months. The experiences devastated her, and she realized the only way she made it through was with their access to good health insurance and financial resources to go outside of the education and health care system. She committed herself to improving these broken systems, so every South Carolinian would have access to these basic services regardless of their financial status. Her advocacy brought her to the South Carolina State House to work with all branches of government, political parties, and interest groups to create meaningful reform and accountability to every department managed by the state government.

Jen was raised in Mt Pleasant, SC and attended Wando High School and graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Political Science. She founded and managed a successful interior decorating firm for 9 years and then left the design world and founded a travel services company, so she could spend more time with her family. She has been married to Paul Gibson, a lifelong resident of the Lowcountry, for over 20 years. They have an energetic 9-year old son. Her mother and Paul’s parents still live in the Lowcountry and are a constant source of love, support and inspiration. 

She is currently the Co-Owner & Head of Sales at Wanderlust Travel Boutique, LLC. Her successful career as a small business owner has prepared her to resolve challenges creatively. The skills and experience she’s gained in her businesses have helped make her uniquely qualified to serve the people of her district.

Jen Gibson will work to unite South Carolinians to harness the opportunities for robust, positive change in our state. Please visit our Issues section to learn more about the opportunities and solutions for some of South Carolina’s greatest challenges.